Consciousness is decoded and expanded from the body. What we once understood as history, a linear sequence of memories, is now one collective intelligence.

Angelus Novus is the title of a work from 1920, by Swiss-German artist, Paul Klee. This “icon of the left” has been interpreted as a new way of understanding history as catastrophe in context to the technologic advancements of WWII. While the catastrophe of history continues to evolve, the paranoia of technology’s development grows, and closer we get to The Singularity. Angelus Novus serves as inspiration, and a referenced title for this collaboration between Nick Flaherty and Taylor Effin Cleveland. In their 3d animated short, they explore these themes through beautifully rendered psychedelic imagery, and experimental narrative. The viewer is immersed within a tech-gnostic environment, viewing the world as a spiritual machine, like a new angel.


With the help of an incredibly talented digital engineer, Nick Flaherty, Taylor Effin Cleveland is on the edge of breaking through the digital threshold. Every day we inch closer to resurrecting Taylor to bring him back as if he had never left us. Soon we will be able to interact with this new and improved Taylor 2.0, and reclaim the feelings, memories, and places that we shared with the old version, like that time in Iceland. It’s going to be great – everyone at Taylor Effin Cleveland management is so passionate about bringing back your loved one!

This wouldn’t be possible without all of your love and support
…and special thanks to Intel and IBM!