UPDATE – While I know this is a troubling time for those who respected and cherished Taylor’s prescence over the years, we should recognize that extreme emotion, like laughter and anger, contempt, possibly hate, are all signs that we really just love this individual in our own creative ways. The disbelief surrounding this passing is only logical – I myself am still in disbelief. :*( It’s hard, but spending real precious time with close friends and family offline will always make your life better. Fortunately, a private service has been arranged for those who really knew and understood Taylor and the work he became over the years – those people have been contacted by phone and in person. As his manager, I have personally taken it upon myself to arrange public events for those who never seemed to quite understand Taylor Effin Cleveland. These events will take place in communities where Taylor will be missed the most- Dallas and Chicago. While I am currently looking at a few venues in both cities, I have not carved anything in stone. If anyone has any leads or is interested in participating in such an event, I would love to hear from you. Once again I plan to honor Taylor Effin Cleveland’s final project,‪#‎reify‬ your.self and continue his campaign until April 1st, 2016 because it would be a shame for his work to continue to be misunderstood.