-E.volv Therapy as a themed concept serves to provide direction for the artists involved to enable the audience to speed up their evolution process using technology and futuristic aesthetics.
-A process from Phillip K Dick’s novel, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, e.Therapy. The procedure artificially speeds the natural human evolution process resulting in faster cognitive perception, a higher level of intelligence, and more distinct physical features.

Taylor Effin Cleveland – New Media Performance
Edward Ruiz – New Media
Eric Trich – New Media
Sean Miller – New Media
Sean Humphrey – Live Modular/Analog Synth Performance // Ghost Image (DJ Set)
Mario Miller – Ghost Image (DJ Set)
Megan Arzaga – ASMR
Lily Taylor – Sound Art
Buffi Jacobs – Cello Sound Vibrations
Boston Kassidy – Sound and DJ
Chris Rozier – Chrs Roze (DJ)

Producer WAAS Gallery
Assistant Producer Ashley Nicole Whitby